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Burger King staff apologizes for uncovering 3 Muslim women who skipped fasting during Ramadan

Eating in public during Ramadan has been a never ending debate in Malaysia. Some people think that no one (regardless of religion) should eat in public during the fasting month as a way to respect those around them who are fasting.

Others simply don’t care whether or not you’re fasting as it’s none of their business. A certain staff member at a Burger King decided to make it everyone’s business by uploading a CCTV footage of three Muslim women dining in on TikTok.

The CCTV footage posted on TikTok by @qthanyyy recently went viral. The caption in the video itself reads, “to the three women wearing hijabs that ordered 9pcs of nuggets, cheesy fries, and ice lemon tea and dined in, don’t you feel bad for the customers who are still fasting?”

Though the original video has now been deleted and the owner has made her account private, Twitter user @amyranadyaa re-posted the video where it’s been getting attention once again with 162 retweets, 346 quote tweets and 678 likes at the time of writing this article.

Meanwhile, netizens were angered by the CCTV footage being shared online without the consent of the three women. Many believe the staff should’ve just minded her own business and reminded her that not all Muslim women can fast as they might be pregnant or if it’s the time of the month. However, some say that the three women should’ve just packed their food and left.

The original video of the CCTV footage has since been deleted and @qthanyyy’s TikTok account still remains private. So far, there has been no official statement made by Burger King regarding the viral video.


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