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“Step up, young M’sians” Local recruiter shares funniest MIA excuses he receives

Social News"Step up, young M'sians" Local recruiter shares funniest MIA excuses he receives

Gig jobs have played an important role in today’s economy and it helps many Malaysians earn side incomes and gain opportunities.

Unfortunately, many employers and recruiters find young Malaysians these days lack work ethics and were unable to honour their commitments, leaving them in a panic to find last-minute replacements.

Taking it to Facebook, Kevinfinity Reuben, a recruiter shared the many excuses he received from candidates dropping out last minute from gig jobs, and asked for a solution to this problem.

“Dear entrepreneurs, I’ve been servicing my clients as a recruiter for gig work (part-time/events/promoters). Lately, the amount of MIA (missing in action) candidates have dramatically shot up.” he wrote in the Facebook post.

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He then asked if there is a platform for recruiters to evaluate the candidates before confirming them to work. “Anyone working on a rating system for the candidates (part-time and full time)?” he added.

Meanwhile, he also shared a series of conversations that show the funniest excuses he’s been given.

Source: Facebook

In a conversation he shared, Kevin asked this candidate, “So, you’re not coming?”, after being waiting for over 20 minutes.

“Not coming as we’ve been lost since earlier,” the candidate responded.

In another conversation, he received a response that said, “I would like to inform that the owner of this phone number was in an accident at 2am earlier and is unconscious at a hospital.”

After experiencing this, Kevinfinity hopes that young Malaysians will step up to the plate before brands start expanding their horizons to foreign workers.

Source: fivesenses

“Praying hard for the newer generations who are coming into the work culture. Things are changing drastically since MCO. I hope that in the next 5 years, we will still be able to hire Malaysians to work as promoters or event crew rather than hiring foreigners who are more capable and responsible,”

“Can you image if this MIA culture continues in the next 5 years, brands and products are more likely to hire foreign workers to work as shopping mall promoters, for example pomegranate juice promoters,” he ended his post.

Nonetheless, it is saddening to see that employers and recruiters are losing faith in the young Malaysians and seeking to hire foreigners who have better working ethics. We hope that this would be a lesson for those who behave in such a manner.

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