Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Enhanced Touch ‘n Go Card officially on sale at Petronas and Shell stations

Social NewsEnhanced Touch ‘n Go Card officially on sale at Petronas and Shell...

A week after the card was prematurely put on sale, Touch ‘n Go Group finally addressed the availability of its new NFC card. 

As you may know, it is officially called the Enhanced Touch ‘n Go card and is now readily available for consumers. Priced at RM10 just like the standard TNG card, users can choose to purchase it through the TNG eWallet app. However, they do have to pay a shipping fee of RM5.

Alternatively, the new Enhanced TNG card is also available at selected Petronas and Shell stations across the country although not yet at LRT stations. According to the list on TNG’s website, around 153 stations are selling the card at the moment.

Further, TNG has also pointed out that the Enhanced TNG card has a general lifespan of seven years although it insists that users should follow the expiry date that is printed on the card itself. On the other hand, the card is also covered by a 30-day warranty although you need to show the purchase receipt if you want to claim for a replacement card during the warranty period.

Meanwhile, the Group CEO of TNG Group, Effendy Shahul Hamid said that the company expects the demand for the card will surpass the supply very soon. If the stocks run out, customers can register their interest through the TNG eWallet app and they will be notified once the card is available once again.

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