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Watch: Aliff Syukri’s latest Raya MV slammed for tarnishing Islam and Baju Melayu

Social NewsWatch: Aliff Syukri’s latest Raya MV slammed for tarnishing Islam and Baju...

Malaysian celebrity millionaire and cosmetics entrepreneur Dato Aliff Syukri has once again caused a massive stir on social media after releasing his latest Hari Raya song titled ‘Kelepok Raya’.

Last week, Aliff uploaded a teaser of the song on Instagram and received an overwhelming response from netizens. The theme of the video centres upon a back and forth between Aliff and his wife on which families’ house they should celebrate Raya at.

The music video starts with 3 men dancing in a paddy field wearing a songkok along with some pretty extravagant looking clothes as well as jewellery.

Source: YouTube

In another scene, Aliff can be seen laying alongside a lot of other men wearing Baju Melayu dancing suggestively to the song.

Unfortunately, netizens said they felt uncomfortable with the 3 background dancers in the video.

In the comment section, many said that Aliff is being disrespectful to Islam, the Holy Month of Ramadan as well as the traditional Baju Melayu. Netizens also said that the male dancers appeared effeminate, drawing reference to controversial cosmetics entrepreneur Muhammad Sajjad Kamaruz Zaman, also known as Nur Sajat.

“Honestly I can accept the song. But the concept of the music video is so misguided for Raya. There’s no need for dancers like those. I can say that it’s cultural pollution that shouldn’t exist,” a netizen commented.

“I ask that he respects our Baju Melayu. The Baju Melayu has a history behind it. Don’t tarnish it. That is part of our history and you’re ruining it with inappropriate things.” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, even his mother disapproves of his music video. In the Instagram post teasing the music video, his mother, Bonda Rozita Ibrahim criticised him for the music video.

Source: Kosmo

In the replies, Aliff said to her, “I don’t understand mum… what did I do wrong??? Please be professional… this is all art.”

To which his mother responded, “dog sh*t art.”

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