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Two Malaysians receive Public-Spirited Awards for defending woman from horrific SG slashing

Social NewsTwo Malaysians receive Public-Spirited Awards for defending woman from horrific SG slashing

Two Malaysians were among the 10 individuals who were awarded medals of honour for protecting a woman from a cleaver-wielding attacker on Beach Road in Singapore on 14 April.

According to the Singapore Police Force, the police presented the Public Spiritedness Awards to these members of the public on Monday (18 April) for their courage in stepping up to intervene and prevent further harm from coming to the victim.

“We salute these individuals for being courageous and selfless!” the Police Force wrote on Facebook.

Source: Today Online

The two Malaysians, Lim Chee Kong and Lim Chee Wei were among the individuals commended for their extraordinary bravery and quick thinking in defending the victim against the armed assailant.

The violent incident went viral on social media on 14 April, where the video showed the attacker slashing the victim in front of a steamboat eatery, restaurant workers in the same street immediately came to her aid.

Chee Kong, who is a chef at one of the restaurants on Beach Road and had stepped out to take a smoke, first heard the woman screaming for help. He ran immediately towards them and to his horror, he saw a man savagely attacking a woman in the back alley of Liang Seah Street. 

Source: Facebook

He shouted at the suspect to stop, as the victim sat cradling her bloody arm on the side of the road.

“But then (he came towards me) like he was going to harm me, so I retreated and kept shouting,” he was quoted saying by CNA.

Meanwhile, one of the employees in another nearby restaurant, Chee Wei, came to help after hearing the commotion. They threw random items, such as chairs, rubbish bins and even signboards at the man in an attempt to distract and deter him.

Following that, 2 technicians who were servicing an air-conditioning unit nearby also rushed to the scene and used their ladders to scare off the assailant.

“Their actions, which included shouting and throwing objects at the man to distract and disorientate him, helped to mitigate further harm caused towards the woman,” said commander of the central police division Jeremy Ang.

The attacker, 46-year-old Cheng Guoyan from China, was charged on Saturday (16 April) with the attempted murder of the 41-year-old woman who is his estranged wife. According to CNA, the victim Han Hong Li, who had multiple slash wounds, is now in a stable condition but needs surgery for her injuries.

A big salute to all the heroes who helped saved a woman’s life from danger!

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