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M’sian women share their horrible experience of injecting whitening serum mixed with fetus

Social NewsM'sian women share their horrible experience of injecting whitening serum mixed with...

Everyone loves to look good and pretty and some of us would go to the lengths of getting injections mixed with fetuses in hopes of whitening our skin.

Speaking to Harian Metro, a woman named Sally shared her experience of going through the procedure. “I was shocked when I was told that the skin whitening drip liquid that was being put into the body contained a mixture of baby fetuses,” said Sally.

After she found that fact out, she felt guilty that she wanted to remove all the whitening drip liquid that entered the body. “I only had time to undergo two skin whitening drip treatments and after that incident, I didn’t do it again.” she shared.

“I feared the wrath of Allah for inserting impure substances into my body just for beauty alone.”

Sally said she went for the procedure in 2017 and she was only accompanying a friend to undergo the treatment. “However, I followed the invitation of a friend who asked me to try the treatment at a woman’s house. The woman said that the skin whitening drip contained fetus and it has proven to give an immediate whitening effect.”

“She also showed me testimonies of well known local celebrities who have undergone the treatment with her,” she added.

She explained that the skin whitening drip treatments were popular back in 2017 and many people had done it. “Some of my friends who underwent this treatment also stopped the treatment after finding out the contents.”

“At that time, I took a package that cost RM100 for one treatment session and there were several other packages with more expensive prices. I don’t mind tanned skin, as long as my health is guaranteed and I don’t face the risk of dangerous diseases,” she said.

Meanwhile, another woman who only wanted to be known as Nabela shared her experience of the procedure going wrong. She said that after her fourth session, she started feeling uneasy.

“After the first treatment, my hands felt numb, my body was heating up and I felt a little dizziness. The effect of the second treatment was redness and itching. But, I resisted the feeling because I wanted white skin,” she said.

She also shared that after her third treatment, her face, hands and thighs felt burning and hot. However, the aesthetic therapist told her that it was just a normal reaction.

“The effect I experienced after the 4th treatment was that my facial skin felt ‘scaly’, and it also had redness and itching. I was scared of the reaction that happened on the skin. I was not happy with the responses given by aesthetic therapists who just said that the effects everyone experiences are different,” she said.

Eventually, Nabela seek a second opinion from another aesthetic clinic and they advised her to stop the the procedure as it did not agree with her. “This is because my body is rejecting the drip whitening substance and they were worried that it will have a bad effect on my health.”

“I tried this treatment because I want beautiful and bright skin like a colleague who underwent drip whitening treatment six years ago,” she said.

Nonetheless, we hope that everybody will stop resorting to harmful substances for the sake of beauty. What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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