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Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds praise M’sian content creator for his impressive CGI skills

Social NewsHollywood star Ryan Reynolds praise M'sian content creator for his impressive CGI...

Malaysian content creator, Mohamad Sofian, better known by his username Sofyank96, has undoubtedly established himself as a talented content creator.

The Kelantan born special effects master recently revealed that he has collaborated with Ryan Reynolds and Netflix for his Ryan’s new film titled ‘The Adam Project’.

This is not the first time he has collaborated with global stars. In the past, he has also collaborated with John Cena and Will Smith before.

Collaboration with Ryan Reynolds

In the 54-second clip he shared, Sofian can be seen setting foot on a futuristic spaceship from The Adam Project which he activated with a necklace.

We then see that Ryan Reynolds is waiting for him inside the spaceship. Once inside, Ryan addresses him by name and asked if he is willing to join him on a mission on the Adam Project and explained that he needed to go back in time to find his 12-year-old self.

After that, Sofian ejects himself out of the spaceship through a pod with Ryan Reynolds telling viewers directly to join as well by watching The Adam Project on Netflix.

What’s more surprising is that their interactions was actually done through only Zoom video calls!

In a vlog, Sofian explain how the clip was produced. It showed how the scenes with Reynolds were filmed over Zoom whilst his own parts were filmed elsewhere with a green screen.

He also shared that there was actually only 16 seconds of footage which he could use of Ryan, hence he used CGI to make the scenes longer. In fact, Sofian also shared that around 80% of the whole video relied on CGI, which was why editing took over a month to do.

Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds has took to Twitter to praise Sofian for his work. In a tweet, Ryan said, “I think this sets an unfair standard for 4 minute junket interviews.”

Netizens want Ryan to bring Sofian to Hollywood

Sofian’s video went viral with many flooded Ryan’s post calling him to get Sofian a job in Hollywood.

“Hey Ryan, could you somehow bring him to Hollywood or at least in a Western production? He deserves more and currently Malaysia is unable to do more for him.” a netizen said.

“Reynolds, bring him to Hollywood. In Malaysia, the industry is a bit stupid that they don’t recognise talents like him. I hope you as a movie star can help him,” another netizen commented.

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