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Chef Ammar closes his Ramadan stall in USJ 4 after his son becomes a victim of black magic

Source: Twitter

Palestine-born Chef Ammar has recently come under the spotlight after massive crowd was spotted queuing for his food at his Ramadan stall daily.

His food was so popular that some would even buy from resellers who have turned the queue for his food into a business.

However, his success had caused many to envy him and start doing things to harm him.

Recently, Chef Ammar started a TikTok live to share that he will be closing down his Ramadan stall at USJ 4 due to the involvement of black magic.

In the live stream, he explained that he decided to close the stall as he did not want his family to be further affected by the black magic.

Chef Ammar said that he left his son to be in charge of the stall in USJ 4 and he has been eager to do business. However, he seemed weak and lazy these days.

He then called an Ustaz to check on his son and the Muslim preacher told him that his shop had been cursed. Following this, he decides to put this whole thing to a stop to prevent things from getting worse.

Meanwhile, his stall which usually had a massive queue was completely empty since then.

His live stream had gone viral on social media with many sympathising him for having to go through this.

“To whoever it is, please don’t be so cruel and don’t do bad things to him, pity him. Whoever sees him please encourage him and support his business,” a netizen said.

“There are still devils that are untied this Ramadan, can’t see people be successful without feeling jealous. I’m confused at whose the devil now.” another netizen commented.

We hope that Chef Ammar and his son will recover and get back on their feet soon. What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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