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Selangor spent RM3 million on Go Selangor app and M’sians are baffled

Social NewsSelangor spent RM3 million on Go Selangor app and M'sians are baffled

The Selangor state government has recently launched the Go Selangor app that is aimed to help boost tourism in the state. The app aims to function as a one-stop centre for tourists and merchants, similar to Agoda, Booking.com, AirBnB and airasia Super App.

According to State Tourism, Environment, Green Technology and Orang Asli Affairs Committee chairman Hee Loy Sian, he said the app currently has about 300 operators registered on the app. He said the team behind the app targets to sign up to 100,000 operators by the end of the year.

Merchants on the app get to use the services for free in the first year but will have to pay an annual fee of RM300 from the second year onwards.

Source: Selangorkini

Netizens’ response

The initiative was well received by netizens until it was revealed that the app was developed at an estimated cost of RM3 million with local company Tourplus Technology, which has its own tourism app boasting similar features.

Netizens claimed the money is wasted on an app because most features in Go Selangor are already available on Google.

Some pointed out that the money could instead be used to fix the drainage problem or help flood victims get back on their feet.

A netizen even asked about the use of the current apps such as Selangkah and criticised the Smart Selangor parking app.

Among the other complaints about the app are that it showed attractions that are not close to tourist spots, and the app appeared to be not updated or with bugs.

Despite the criticisms, a netizen shared that RM3 million to build a mobile app is actually reasonable when considering other factors such as timeframe.

Go Selangor app’s first impression

The Go Selangor app looks straightforward at first glance and it is similar to Agoda and airasia because it has a section for choosing hotels, airport transfers, tours and attraction tickets right at the top.

Apart from that, it also has a list of exclusive deals for food and beverages, attraction tickets, hotel vouchers and lifestyle treats which cover services such as spas, pet hotels and hair studios.

The Go Selangor app also offers places that are outside Selangor under ‘Private Tour’ and ‘Activity & Ticket’ and this makes planning for trips outside Selangor easier for tourists and locals alike.

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