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After bicycle lajak, netizens raised concerns over dangerous road usage of e-scooter riders

The recent basikal lajak (modified bicycle) case where Sam Ke Ting was being convicted for reckless driving and sentenced to 6 years in prison has gained massive attention on the internet and sparked a heated debate among netizens.

In light of the danger of riding such vehicles on the road, a Facebook user has shared a series of videos on the DashCam Owners Malaysia group to point out that e-scooter riders have also raised concerns among netizens over their dangerous road usage.

In the video shared, many can be seen riding the e-scooters freely and dangerously on the road. Some riders even ride in the fast lane or are bringing along their kids.

“It is worrying to see them riding e-scooters in crowds on the road. Cars & motorcycles near Cyberjaya are going fast.”

“There is already no protection. Enough with the lajak bicycle case. Don’t be an e-scooter case after this. Play in the right place!” the user said.

In addition, the e-scooter riders were not wearing protective gear such as helmets and knee and elbow pads. This would inevitably increase the risk of serious injury if there is an accident.

In the comment section, netizens agreed that riding such light vehicles on the road is extremely dangerous to both the rider and the road user. Netizens also urged people to ride the vehicle in the right place, such as the garden, or large, closed areas.

Many also called on the transport ministry to impose new rules and regulations regarding the issue, such as imposing bans or establishing the scooters-only lane.

Having said that, regardless of what vehicles we are using on the road, we should be mindful that there are other road users too, and we do not want to put both the road user and ourselves in danger.

Hopefully, the e-scooter riders can prioritise everyone’s safety by thinking twice before going onto the roads.


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