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Wee Ka Siong turned a punching bag by netizens over Sam Ke Ting’s ‘basikal lajak’ conviction, gives his opinion on the matter

NewsWee Ka Siong turned a punching bag by netizens over Sam Ke...

Transport Minister Datuk Seri Wee Ka Siong has called on the public to act rationally after he was made a punching bag following the conviction of Sam Ke Ting for reckless driving and causing the death of 8 teenage cyclists.

Taking to this Facebook page yesterday (16 April), Wee explained that Malaysia’s Road Transport Act 1987 had been amended to address the “basikal lajak” or modified bicycles phenomenon starting from October 2002.

He also said that even though the law had been revised, it could not be applied retrospectively to cases like Sam’s, which happened in 2017.

Source: Berita Harian

“After Sam Ke Ting’s case, internet users condemned me by asking why not take action against the parents of those who use basikal lajak. I resignedly said ‘laws cannot pursue the past errors in law, impossible to be retrospective or back to the future’.”

“I can completely understand everyone’s anger, but the incident took place in the year 2017, this is a fact that cannot be changed,” he said.

Source: Reddit

In addition, he also highlights that Malaysia practises the principle of separation of powers and has three branches of government – executive, legislature and judiciary.

He said while the Transport Ministry drafts legislation for the Road Transport Act, enforcement of the law lies with the police.

“Our country has laws and any court ruling must be respected and be free of interference.” he said, while adding that the court system provides for those found guilty to appeal against their conviction and sentence.

“I also hope that the person involved will be granted bail when the Court of Appeal hears her application next Monday.” he said.

Wee was referring to how Malaysians had posted an eight-word sentence in Mandarin on his Facebook page, with the words loosely translated as meaning that there was alleged judicial injustice and questioning where natural laws are.

Wee said he noted that his Facebook page was not the only one affected and that some Mandarin-language news outlets had also seen such Facebook comments.

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