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“I just want money” Hacker reduces blackmail from RM1,500 to RM500 after victim ignores him

Social News"I just want money" Hacker reduces blackmail from RM1,500 to RM500 after...

We emphasize so much on going paperless and storing all our data in the digital space these days. While it may be convenient for us as everything is available at our fingertips, but there’s one big downside to that — hackers.

Recently, a netizen shared a story of how she got hacked by someone who blackmailed her with some ‘private’ photos. However, the hacker ended up lowering their price after she wouldn’t give in to him!

In a Facebook post, Deng said the hacker contacted her on Saturday (9 April) at 4 pm and they said they would expose her ‘privacy’. However, Deng decided to ignore them and immediately blocked the contact.

Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, the hackers were persistent and contacted her again the next day. This time, they got her attention by giving her proof of the photos. They also demanded RM1,500 so they wouldn’t release the photos.

Deng said the photos were taken from her husband’s phone and she confirmed that the nude photos were hers. However, she felt that as she and her husband were legally married, having nudes of each other was fine.

As such, Deng refused to answer the hacker’s demands.

Source: Facebook

In the WhatsApp conversation she shared, the hacker can be seen threatening to post her nudes if she didn’t pay. However, they soon give in and said the photos had no benefit to them. “I just want money,” they admitted.

Soon after, the hacker started lowering their price from RM1,500 to RM800 and RM500. However, Deng still refused to pay and left the hacker on tenterhooks.

In the meantime, Deng said she had also lodged a police report regarding this incident.

That’s one blackmail scheme that backfired badly. However, it is good for Deng as she stands strong in her beliefs despite being threatened. We hope the police will manage to track down the poor hacker as soon as possible too!

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