Thursday, March 30, 2023

“We now have rice scalpers too!” M’sians are queuing for Chef Ammar’s food to resell to those who do not want to wait

Social News"We now have rice scalpers too!" M'sians are queuing for Chef Ammar’s...

How far will you go for the craving for your favourite food?

Recently, Palestine-born Chef Ammar, who has a restaurant at USJ 4, found himself under the spotlight after some customers complained that the food he is selling at his stall at Bazar Ramadan Seksyen 13, Shah Alam was far too expensive.

Despite those complaints, there is still a massive queue seen at his stall and it was also reported that queues are starting as early as 3 pm which is the time it opens.

The main dishes sold at at Chef Ammar’s bazaar stall includes nasi mandy with chicken kabsa for RM25 and nasi mandy with lamb shank for RM50.

Source: TikTok

However, it appears that some are queuing for the food to only resell it to others who do not wish to wait for the long queue at a higher price.

According to a TikTok video by Yuyu, resellers are selling his nasi mandy with lamb shank for RM65. The caption of the video wrote, “Buying from Chef Ammar ❌ Buying from reseller ✅. Because I’m worried about queuing for a while only to not be able to get it.”


Beli dgn Chef Ammar ❌ Beli dgn reseller ✅ Sbb ghisau beratur lama-lama nnti tak dpt #bukapuasa #lambshank #chefammar


Meanwhile, the incident sparked a mixed reaction among netizens, with some debating that it is not ethical to resell the food, while some believe it is ok to do so because they are providing their customers a service by eliminating the need to queue for hours.

Those who are against it also blamed resellers that force Chef Ammar to impose a limit of 4 packs per person.

“No wonder Chef Ammar set a limit,” a netizen shared.

“This is why Chef Ammar has now limited it to one person 4 packs. This is the reason,” another netizen commented.

Source: TikTok

On the other hand, some said they would rather buy from a reseller than queuing for hours.

A netizen also pointed out that how this is similar to those who resell tickets to events such as football matches or concerts.

“I know that there are ticket scalpers… turns out now there are even rice scalpers,” a netizen said.

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