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Foreign Couple caught riding motorcycle semi-naked on the road in Terengganu

When travelling abroad, one should always follow the rules of that country. But some people, for some reason just decided to do something that goes against the law or the norm. Some will get involved in suspicious business, some will leave a huge mess in a hotel and some will do indecent exposure.

Recently two people were caught on camera (and by passersby) riding a motorcycle almost naked in the Kuala Terengganu city center.

The couple were believed to be foreign tourists. The person riding the motorcycle was described as a male wearing only shorts while his female companion at the back was in her underwear or bikini. Photos of the two have been shared on social media and has since gone viral, catching the attention of local authorities.

Locals were shocked to see such action being done in public, especially in the month of Ramadan where Muslims are currently fasting. Many expressed their anger and described the couple’s choice of clothing (or lack there of) as inappropriate and disrespectful to the sensitivities of the Muslim citizens.

“We regret what has happened because it has tarnished the image of Terengganu. The government will not allow it to spread. We will identify the backgrounds of the individuals, whether they are tourists who have been or have never been to Terengganu,” said Ariffin Deraman, Terengganu state Tourism, Culture and Digital Technology Exco.

Meanwhile, Ariffin shared that the authorities will be carrying an investigation on the two foreigners and will be enforcing stricter measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. He added that the Dakwah and Syariah Implementation Committee division will work to identify the couple and whether if this was the first time or if it has happened before.

For your information, in 2015, the Terengganu government has issued guidelines on dress code that are reserved for tourists, especially female tourists who want to visit resorts in the state. If foreign and local tourists fail to dress modestly, they will be called to attend a counseling session.


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