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Singaporean man allegedly extorted by PDRM officer in KL, later exposes it on social media

Social NewsSingaporean man allegedly extorted by PDRM officer in KL, later exposes it...

Despite the efforts to increase the integrity of the the Malaysia Royal Police (PDRM), there are still a few bad apples who abuse their power.

Recently, one of these bad apples were caught on camera allegedly extorting for money from a Singaporean driver.

The matter was brought to light by Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road Facebook page, where they shared a video of the entire incident, along with a message from the man who apparently was forced into giving the bribe.

In the caption, they wrote, “Police in KL. I’m Singaporean. Went there and they claimed I did not possess a Malaysian driving license, no visa to enter KL, claimed I drove into the opposite direction, which I did not and claimed issued IC is a print out as I keep my passport in my hotel room.”

“They told me to avoid being arrested and fined, I can ‘treat’ them to which they meant money. In the video, you can see they told me to throw the money into the car and ensure no one is watching. My hand should not be in the car, hence, I quickly pulled my hand away.”

They added that this incident took place last Sunday (10 April) at 12:30 pm.

The video showed the man standing by the passenger window of a police patrol car and he can be seen reaching into his bag to grab something, that handing it over to the police in the passenger seat before walking away.

Source: Facebook

However, it was not sure what was handed over to the officer as it cannot be clearly seen in the footage.

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