Thursday, December 8, 2022

Fahmi Reza was hauled in by PDRM again over his latest ‘Mojo Jojo’ satire artwork

Social NewsFahmi Reza was hauled in by PDRM again over his latest ‘Mojo...

Political graphic designer, Street artist and Documentary filmmaker Mohd Fahmi Reza Bin Mohd Zarin, or Fahmi Reza is once again heading to Bukit Aman for his controversial artworks.

This time, he shared an image of Mojo Jojo, a villainous character from the kids’ show Powerpuff Girls, in a yellow royal garb that resembles the attire worn by the sultan.

About 3 hours after he posted the picture, he then shared a statement, explaining that those who can accept satirical works which equalise others to an ape should be able to accept it if the same was said of them.

While he did not point out names, it is believed that he was responding to news of Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah purchasing a painting that depicts MPs as monkeys, apes and frogs.

The next day, he tweeted about being called up by the police in less than 15 hours after the picture went online.

He’s asked to be present at the police station on 14 April, to assist in an investigation under Sedition Act 1948.

“I’ve received a phone call from Bukit Aman. It hasn’t even been 15 hours but the police have opened investigation papers under the #AktaHasutan (Sedition Act) and #AktaSakitHati for my graphic satire of a #monkey that I posted last night.”

“Police have asked me to come in for questioning this evening. See you there soon PDRM.” he wrote in the tweet.

Meanwhile, #AktaSakitHati is Fahmi’s way of referring to Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act, under which he was charged previously for putting up posts of a similar nature.

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