Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Watch: Cow breeders sets fire to car belonging to cow thief to rescue their livestock

NewsWatch: Cow breeders sets fire to car belonging to cow thief to...

Cow theft appears to be a thing in Malaysia and the people are getting tired of their cows being stolen.

Recently, a group decided to take matters into their own hands after they encountered an alleged cow thief.

According to a video shared by the Kemaman district police on their Facebook page, it showed a mob overturning a car that was suspected to be used as a transport to steal the animals.

Source: Facebook

In another video shared on Info Bencana Terengganu Facebook page, the car was apparently set on fire later.

Meanwhile, the police have opened an investigation on the group of men believed to be cattle breeders who set fire to the vehicle.

“To clear up the confusion, we want to ask the individuals seen in this video to come to the Kemaman IPD to strengthen our friendships and to meet with the JSJ Investigating Officer who can be contacted at 010-5426362 (Insp Nadia) and 012-6966849 (Insp Ong – Acting KBSJD Kemaman).”

“Don’t be nervous or worried, be brave because of the truth. Dignities will be upheld and rights will be defended,” they added.

In the meantime, it had not been confirmed that the vehicle was used to transport the stolen cattle, as the police said they did not receive any complaints regarding the theft of the animal had been received so far.

Netizens urged the authorities to investigate the matter as it appears to involve criminal acts.

Many pointed out that everybody is bound by the law and that cattle breeders should not do something illegal to put right something that they think is not fair.

Some netizens also criticized the actions of cattle owners who let their livestock roam freely, causing accidents for road users.

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