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M’sians seeking justice for Sam Ke Ting, shared how reckless “basikal lajak” cyclists are

Social NewsM'sians seeking justice for Sam Ke Ting, shared how reckless "basikal lajak"...

Following the breaking news of a Sam Ke Ting who was involved in a road accident that resulted in the deaths of 8 teenagers on modified bicycles, commonly known as “basikal lajak”, Malaysians were outraged the authorities’ decision to sentence her to 6 years of imprisonment, along with a fine of RM6,000 for reckless driving.

This came after the prosecution was successful in its second appeal against a Magistrate’s Court decision to acquit and discharge Sam in October last year on a charge of reckless or dangerous driving.

Many were outraged as they believed that the parents of the cyclists, should instead be responsible for allowing their teenage children to ride their modified bikes at 3:20 am on a highway, resulting in the accident that caused their deaths.

Meanwhile, many have since taken to social media to share videos of these “basikal lajak” cyclists riding recklessly on main roads, in an effort to prove their stance on the risks these riders pose to road users.

These videos were shared by the 我们是马来西亚人 We are Malaysians Facebook page. In one of the videos, a group of kids on “basikal lajak” can be seen riding on the left lane of the road, where they then swerved into the middle and right lane, with some of them appearing to do stunts by lying flat on the bike.

In the comment section, many also echoed the same message, saying “Justice is unjust, where is the justice?“, in reference to the woman being a victim that’s being punished.

Another video on the page also showed ‘basikal lajak’ cyclists running a red light at 11 pm and merely missing a Myvi by inches.

Besides this, Malaysians also started a petition seeking either the release of or justice for Sam Ke Ting. At the time of writing, 4 online petitions were found on the website Change.org to highlight Sam’s plight.

There were also over 250,000 signatures gathered in less than 24 hours the petition was launched.

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