Monday, January 30, 2023

Local content creator, DJ Wong went missing for 7 days and resurfaces on Facebook to divorce his wife

Social NewsLocal content creator, DJ Wong went missing for 7 days and resurfaces...

A local content creator was reported missing by his wife recently had resurfaced 7 days later and announced that he wants a divorce on a Facebook live stream.

According to Utusan, Noor Aziz Johari, better known as DJ Wong and his wife Ku Sabariah Ku Hambali or DJ Sal, are entertainers behind the popular Facebook page ‘DJ Wong and Sal Bollywood’ that has over 94,000 followers.

In the live stream on 12 April, the 53-year-old man explained that he was safe, but did not reveal his current location.

DJ Wong can also be seen with tears streaming down his face and swearing upon the Quran to attest that he was telling the truth as he apologised to the police and others regarding his disappearance.

He added that he left home by choice due to the marital issues he faced. He also said that he left with only his mobile phone and RM2.70 in his pocket, but he somehow managed to survive.

DJ Wong claimed that his wife had been slowly poisoning” him over their 10-year marriage, and ended the video by uttering the ‘talak’ or divorce pronouncement three times.

He then told his followers that this would be the last time he will appear on Facebook.

The live stream of DJ Wong garnered massive attention, as well as his wife, DJ Sal. In response, she fired back via her own Facebook livestream on their shared Facebook page.

In her video, she expressed her displeasure over her husband’s “devious” behaviour and said that she will not reveal the couple’s family business in public.

Source: Facebook

She also said she was disappointed with him and his claims and said that she was worried when he disappeared.

She then challenged him to be a man and face her properly instead of announcing the divorce through a Facebook live.

“Wait for me in court, DJ Wong. If you can play these games, so can I, but I will do it the right way. You think that just because you’re wearing a baju melayu, cut your hair and have a Quran in front of you, you think you’re right,” she added.

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