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“No car, no wedding!” M’sian confessed that her mother disapproves of her marriage unless her boyfriend gets a car

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There are a lot of things that a couple should have considered before getting married, from getting a shelter, and living habits to financial stability.

Recently, a Twitter user @twtmalaywedding shared an anonymous confession of a woman whose mother did not allow her marriage with the man she loves unless he gets her a car. It was initially agreed that the couple will use her car first after getting married.

However, the mother changed her mind and forced the boyfriend to purchase a car first before even thinking about marrying the daughter.

Her boyfriend then suggested that he get himself a Perodua Myvi, but the mother was unhappy and she thinks that Myvi has no class and it’s only for students.

“It was because of my mother that he had to buy a car. When he wanted to get one, then she criticized him instead,” the anonymous woman said.

Meanwhile, she admitted that she did not mind what car her partner drove, but she felt hurt by her mother’s word saying that a Myvi would be spoiling their image as a couple.

Source: Simon Har

“My mother constantly reminds me to listen to her before I regret anything. Am I really going to regret it just because my partner drives a Myvi?” she asked.

At the end of her confession, she asked for everyone’s opinion on the situation, either she should persuade her mother into accepting whatever car he buys or just ignore the mother’s request.

In the comment section, netizens suggested to her that she should stay strong with her beliefs and not listen to her parents on every occasion.

“Your mother is prioritising liability over an asset. I’m not asking you to be rude but if you’re going to satisfy your mother every time, the satisfaction will never be fulfilled.” a netizen shared.

“I’ve met a mom like this. Her son wanted to buy a Myvi but she asked him to buy something better. However, she wanted the down payment to be only RM3K. I pity her son who has to pay a high amount of monthly instalment.” another netizen shared.

Meanwhile, some netizens pointed out that the Perodua Myvi is actually a great car and it saves a lot on petrol.

What do you think about the mother’s demand? Share your thoughts!

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