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Cats in Pahang are disappearing and it is believed that foreigners are turning them into dinner

Pets or stray animals in Kuantan are disappearing without a trace and their disappearance is believed to be linked to foreigners.

Speaking to Kosmo, the head of Kelab Sahabat Kucing Jalanan Pahang, Jurina Abdul Rani claimed that she has received multiple complaints from the people about this issue. She added that the constant disappearance of stray cats could be caused by some foreigners in the area who would catch the animals to feast on them.

Unfortunately, they do not have sufficient evidence to lodge a report to the authorities.

Source: Kosmo

“The stray cats that we’ve been feeding everyday in a few areas have vanished. If new cats are abandoned, it’ll go missing in a matter of days,” Jurina said.

She then urged the relevant authorities to install CCTVs in certain areas to catch the foreigners who are involved in capturing and eating these stray animals.

“Not only that but the CCTV installation may also allow them to identify people who abandon their pets,” she added.

This came after residents and traders of the Temerloh Central Market noticed that large quantities of cats disappeared and suspected the disappeared cats may have become part of foreigners’ diet.

Some even claimed to have seen foreigners catching the cats before hitting the animal’s head with a stick and then putting them in a sack before they were brought to certain locations to be butchered. 

This allegation is further strengthened when some of the food for stray cats seem to be untouched when the area is the focus of the animals’ gathering.

Jurina then urged the authorities to take immediate action on issues that are causing concerns among the community so that these cats in the community are not continuously abused.

She also calls on the relevant parties, especially the Veterinary Department, to tighten the existing law, but there has been no further action taken.


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