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M’sians slam Rapid Bus driver for closing door on running passenger, Rapid KL promises to investigate

Social NewsM'sians slam Rapid Bus driver for closing door on running passenger, Rapid...

Malaysians, in general, tend to prefer to travel in their own vehicles as most of us do not have a good impression of public transport.

Recently, a Twitter user @azlanalanlan has taken to the social media platform to condemn a Rapid Bus driver for driving off despite seeing a passenger trying to get on.

In the tweet, he wrote, “This Rapid driver is so rude. This man tiredly ran after the bus and when he reached the doors, you closed it on him. The bus wasn’t even full.”

The tweet went viral with many netizens expressing their anger and shared their similar experience with the public transportation service.

“I, myself experienced entering a bus with 1 foot into the bus, but the bus driver closed the door on me. My foot was stuck and he wanted to move. I knocked on the door and he opened up the door, then it closed and started moving. I complained about this incident and there was no response from Rapid KL.” a netizen shared.

Another netizen pointed out that the drivers are mostly rude, especially to foreigners. She added that they also drive like they do not want to live till tomorrow and emergency brake until the passengers fall.

In response to the backlashes online, Rapid KL has launched an investigation into a bus captain who was accused online for shutting its doors on a potential passenger.

In a Facebook post, the company said, “We take the claims about the alleged incident seriously, as it involves the ethics and responsibility of a Rapid Bus employee. If found guilty, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”


Rapid KL explain that the preliminary investigations of the bus’ black box has indicated that the vehicle did stop at the bus stop. The company added that they will further examine closed-circuit television (CCTV) recordings and interview the bus captain to complete their investigation.

“We apologise for this incident and promise that appropriate follow-up action will be taken to ensure such incidents will not happen again.”

They also urge witnesses to the incident or anyone with related information to contact the Rapid KL helpline at +603-7885 2585 to assist in the investigation.

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