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M’sian customer complains that RM148 for a meal for 9 people is ‘expensive’, netizens disagrees

Social NewsM'sian customer complains that RM148 for a meal for 9 people is...

A restaurant owner in Alor Setar, Kedah has recently taken to Facebook to ask for netizens’ opinion over a customer’s complaint that the food served was “very expensive”.

In the Facebook post, the owner of the restaurant, Samz Wong shared that a group of 9 customers were served 7 dishes for lunch at his Restaurant Chai Por Hu last Saturday (2 April), and the total bill for the meal totaled to RM148.40.

When settling for the bill, one of the customers complained that the food was “very expensive” as they had ordered “only a few dishes”.


Meanwhile, Wong also shared the bill that showed the variety of dishes ordered, including fish that cost RM39, a prawn-based dish that cost RM17, and prime pork ribs that cost RM17, and also braised tofu, rice, and beverages.

However, Wong said that he did not try to explain himself because the customer always comes first, but he he has not been able to stop thinking about the incident ever since.

According to Wong, the restaurant’s average profits from last month is less than 30%.

Source: Sin Chew

“Why do some people think it is expensive? Doesn’t anyone know about the rise in chicken prices, pork prices, cooking oil prices, imported food prices, and plastic container prices?” Wong questioned.

“Business owners like us do not dare to raise prices in order to keep old customers,” he said.

Meanwhile, Wong said he had never increased the prices on the menu since 2019, except for fried chilli, which is charged RM2 extra.

He went on to explain that RM150 is not even enough to get the necessary ingredients at the market and that does not include the cost of labour required to prepare the meal for 9 people.

Netizens supported Wong and pointed out that the bill for a meal for 9 people is actually very reasonable. Some even asked if he is making loss from this.

While many think that it is considered very affordable to dine in Wong’s restaurant, Wong explained that his menu is actually fairly priced, considering the restaurant is in Alor Setar and not in Kuala Lumpur.

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