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How thornless durian origin and how different it is from the normal durian

We are officially in the durian season right now. Those who love the king of fruits are probably already looking for ways to get their cravings fixed with durian delivery services, as they can’t travel to famous durian spots like they could before the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every year, durian sellers come up with plenty of promotions and catchy deals to attract durian lovers in the country. Amid the heightened durian craze, netizens are both amused and curious about a seller’s viral video showing a rare thornless durian or durian botak.

A local fruit wholesaler named Ezy Durian uploaded a live video on their Facebook page showing a rare type of durian they got in their harvest.

In it, a man can be seen live-streaming a video telling his followers and customers about a thornless durian. The seller described the durian as durian botak or bald durian, and remarked that it doesn’t deserve to be called a durian due to its appearance.

The seller then proceeds to explain that the thornless durian is indeed natural and he did not trim off its thorns to give it its unique look.

The science behind thornless durians

Thornless durians are a result of genetic variation, often due to a mutation. They are not as common as their thorny counterparts, and are smaller and mostly brown in colour.

They generally have smoother skin or possess tiny thorns compared to the durians we are used to seeing. The flesh of these durians are said to be sweet and they are generally paler-looking than regular durians.


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