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SPM candidates bombarded Education Ministry for using the same set of questions for SPM session 2

Social NewsSPM candidates bombarded Education Ministry for using the same set of questions...

The second session of the 2021 Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination has begin on April 5, but Malaysians are calling out to the Education Ministry and Examination Syndicate to explain themselves for using the same set of questions in the 2 sessions.

It was claimed that the set of questions in the Bahasa Melayu (Listening) paper on Thursday (7 April) was the same as those in the first session of the SPM examination.

Meanwhile, on social media, a heated argument had started between candidates from the first and second session, with many claiming that it was unfair to them. Parents had also expressed their dissatisfaction with the matter.

About 85,700 candidates are sitting the second session of the exam and they are those who had missed the first session because they had to undergo quarantine due to Covid-19, flood victims and special cases approved by the Examination Syndicate.

Netizens also flooded the comment section of Senior Education Minister Datuk Dr Radzi Jidin’s official Facebook page and urged him to explain the matter.

Source: Facebook

“KPM (the ministry) does not have any guilt for the first session candidates? Where is the fairness for the SPM candidates?

“Because of this, candidates who sat for the first session of the examination are (morally) down from the lack of awareness by the ministry. Come on DRJ (Dr Radzi Jidin)… please explain,” a netizen said.

Another netizen also pointed out that how this is unfair for candidates who sat for the first session of the examination.

“The questions were discussed and answers shared on social media. Pity the candidates,” she said.

Similarly, the issue is also trending on Twitter where netizens slammed the ministry for allowing this to happen.

“This is totally absurd and unfair, KPM should have changed the whole question and not recycling the question, it is like you are giving them the free pass to score the listening test.” a netizen shared.

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