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Did you know that Buah Kurma needs to be washed and peeled before eating?

LifestyleDid you know that Buah Kurma needs to be washed and peeled...

It’s the month of Ramadan and many of us are probably breaking our fast with dates as they are a staple when you break fast. Many of us would just put it directly into our mouths and remove the seeds after we munch into it.

However, a recent reminder by a health association has probably left us in fear of eating dates.

On Twitter, Public Health Malaysia shared an infographic reminding people not to forget peeling and washing dates before consuming them.

“We don’t know the level of cleanliness that’s inside the date whilst it is being picked and packaged up. Inside of a date, there could be small insects hiding.”

“Don’t be afraid. the nutritional value and the taste of the fruit won’t disappear if you wash it,” they explained.

The department also said that this is to avoid any rottenness, insects, unwanted smells, cockroaches and dust and dirt.

The tweet went viral among netizens and many were shocked to learn that they actually need to wash and peel dates before eating them.

“I’ve just learnt how to eat a date… and now I see this tweet,” a netizen shared.

Many expressed their sadness only finding it out after having eating them directly for so long.

Meanwhile, some expressed their gratitude and said this reminder had confirmed their fears when eating dates.

“I always peel my dates to eat because I’ve experienced this thing twice. I swear I’ve swallowed cockroaches’ eggs inside of a date recently. It looks exactly like in that picture,” a netizen shared.

Nonetheless, it is not late to start practising this good habit and understandably, it may take some time for us to get used to it.

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