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Wan Fayhsal says Malay rights need to be protected, M’sians slammed him for being racist

NewsWan Fayhsal says Malay rights need to be protected, M'sians slammed him...

The Deputy Minister of National Unity Wan Ahmad Fayhsal has recently come under the spotlight after he shared 2 TikTok videos where he explained why Malay rights need to be protected.

He wrote in the caption of the post, “Making efforts which protect the Malay race today has become quite challenging but that is not an obstacle for me to continue to speak out for the Malays!”

In the video titled “Malay rights need to be protected”, Ahmad Fayhsal, also Bersatu’s Youth Chief then shared why he thinks Malay rights need to be protected.

He then went on to criticise Pakatan Harapan and Syed Saddiq for being so ‘afraid of Malay supremacy’.

“Why are you so afraid of Malay supremacy? Is it true that your politics is free from racial lines,” he asked.

He even said the Chinese community practices identity politics, claiming that DAP has become the protector of the ethnic group’s communal interests.

“Why we vote on the racial line is because we do believe that these political parties not only represent Malaysian interests but also their communal interests.”

“Why Pakatan Harapan (PH) failed is because is they did not prioritise sociological dimensions of Malay politics where currently the gap is filled by Perikatan Nasional,” he said.

His remarks did not went well with Malaysians and many criticised him for speaking on the issue and appearing to be racist when he’s the Deputy Minister of National Unity.

“You’re the Deputy Minister of Unity. Can you act like one,” a netizen said.

“A Minister of Unity who is focused on upholding the rights of Malays. What about unity among races?” another netizen scommented.

Many also said that Malaysians are still divided because of individuals like him and that the minority continue to feel alienated despite being almost 4 generations here.

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