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Online seller losses Louis Vuitton bag worth RM6,500, believed to be stolen by delivery driver

Social NewsOnline seller losses Louis Vuitton bag worth RM6,500, believed to be stolen...

Vintage luxury bag reseller Vintage Sac MY has recently taken to Facebook to share how their luxury Louis Vuitton bag worth over RM6,500 went missing after they send it out for delivery with a courier service provider.

In the Facebook post, Vintage Sac MY explained that a customer the bag on 26 March and requested to have it delivered via Lalamove in a sealed parcel.

The retailer then shared that the driver texted the retailer to say that he has arrived at the store. Before passing the parcel to the man, they even did their due diligence and took a picture of the man.


Unfortunately, the parcel was never delivered and the driver had gone missing. Naturally, the retailer frantically called the service provider to find out what was going on. In response, Lalamove reassured the retailer that the company will compensate for their loss.

However, hours pass by and their customer did not receive the parcel and the driver remained missing.

Vintage Sac MY said that they uphold their brand name and had refunded their customer in full on the same night and apologised for the inconvenience caused. Nonetheless, they also expressed their disappointment with Lalamove as they’ve supported the delivery company since the first day of business.

Source: Facebook

“At this point, we still naively thought that Lalamove will uphold their promise in compensating us. After 3 days and numerous follow-ups from us, Lalamove finally emailed us.”

“Their email, however, does not make much sense. We were dumbfounded by their reply, particularly the mention of insurance coverage. We double-checked the Lalamove app thoroughly and could not find any option of purchasing insurance coverage.”

In addition, they also shared that Lalamove only offered compensation of RM400, which only makes up 10% of their loss. “Does that mean as a victim, we still have to bear the loss of more than RM6000 on our own? Not to mention that the RM400 is in the form of Lalamove credit which will go back to them should we utilise it. Unfortunately, after several communications with Lalamove, that is the cold reality,” they added.

Source: Facebook

Vintage Sac MY said a police report has been made about the incident. They also urge anyone who comes across the parcel with the datecode FL5108 to contact Vintage Sac MY.

Apparently, many had similar poor experiences with the courier service provider. A netizen shared that Lalamove drivers would ask to be reimbursed for the toll charges. The drivers will leave their deliveries under the hot sun if they decline to pay.

Netizens also pointed out the driver’s casual clothes and said it was unprofessional.

Have you encountered similar situations where the parcels you ordered have gone missing? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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