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UM Alumni condemns university for their treatment of ex-student activist who protested at convocation

Social NewsUM Alumni condemns university for their treatment of ex-student activist who protested...

In 2019, Universiti Malaya (UM) graduate and student activist, Wong Yan Ke made it to the national headlines after he staged a solitary protest calling for the resignation of the university’s Vice-Chancellor at that time during his own convocation.

Unfortunately, he was being charged over the protest and was recently ordered by a magistrates’ court to enter his defence on the charge of insulting the former Vice-Chancellor.

Following that, another alumni of UM has taken to Facebook to express his disappointment with the university over the situation.

In an open letter to UM, he wrote “The whole situation with Wong Yan Ke is so bizarre and I am generally disappointed with the outcome, but more so at the university. The police report made by UM is unnecessary.”

Source: Perak Today

“A university that houses students from all walks of life which co-organised a single race congress had the audacity to lodge a police report onto a student who called out the university and the ex-VC during the graduation ceremony.”

“If you think he shouldn’t protest on a coming together ceremony, the protest wouldn’t even occur if UM had not coorganised the Malay Dignity Congress,” Carlson said.

Carlson also pointed out that ex VC, Abdul Rahim Hashim had allegedly said that GE14 had eliminated Malay political dominance and asserted that Malay privileges were being questioned.

Meanwhile, Wong was charged with Section 504 of the Penal Code for intentional insult with intent to provoke a breach of peace, which carries a penalty of up to 2 years’ imprisonment.

“The irony is that a student who made a Nazi salute during the graduation ceremony at Universiti Malaysia Sabah, which prompted condemnation from the German embassy and worldwide, did not face legal action.”

“Another irony is that while UM lodged a police report on Yan Ke, UM did not lodge a police report on a lecturer that sexually harassed his student. The student herself has to make the report. That shows the priority of UM,” Carlson wrote.

He also pointed the irony when the university says they uphold freedom of expression is stifling them. “Worst, a top 100 QS-ranked university intends to manufacture robots, not humans that dare to speak against the system. And that’s a shame,” he added.

Carlson then called out to the public to lend a helping hand to Wong. “I sincerely hope this is the last time UM will lodge a police report just because a student from the university rightfully utilises his freedom of expression to speak up.”

“Solidarity Wong Yan Ke,” he ended his letter.

Netizens had also shared similar sentiments in the comment section.

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