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“Look out for the green stickers!” netizens warn others of potential burglary

Social News“Look out for the green stickers!” netizens warn others of potential burglary

If you find something odd and it doesn’t belong to you in your home, it’s best to keep your guard up.

Recently, a netizen noticed that the mailbox at her father-in-law’s house in Mentakab, Pahang had a small green sticker on it. Taking it to her Facebook account, the netizen said she saw a man and a woman on a motorcycle stopped by the house on 1 April.

However, the couple quickly left after the dog started barking.

Source: Facebook

The next morning, she was surprised when some neighbours approached them and told them of the green sticker on their mailbox. They even warned the family to stay vigilant.

They believed that the man and woman on the motorcycle mentioned prior were the ones who stuck it to their house.

Source: Facebook

Following this incident, they went on surveying the nearby houses and similarly, the found the same stickers on some of the houses.

In the comment section, some said it could be ‘markings’ made by burglars who are scouting the area for potential victims.

Meanwhile, the Pahang MCA Youth chief Wong Tze Shiang was also informed of this phenomenon and he had since lodged a police report.


“I received a lot of messages and the netizens are worried that this is one of the ways syndicates use to ‘mark’ a house.”

“The Mentakab police urges the public to take out the sticker immediately if they find it on their mailbox. Actions will be taken to ensure the citizens’ security.” he said.

Nonetheless, prevention is better than cure. If you find anything odd in your home, or you believe that it is a ‘marking’, be sure to remove them quickly as soon as you find them.

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