Thursday, December 8, 2022

“We are forced to increase prices!” Ramadan bazaar vendor says raw ingredients are now more expensive

News"We are forced to increase prices!" Ramadan bazaar vendor says raw ingredients...

Ramadan is the time when all Muslims will fast from dawn to sunset, and it is also when we see bazaars that sell delicious food being set up along the streets. Apart from the food, this is also when we’ll see stalls offering special promotions.

However, this time around, most stall owners have increased the prices of their dishes or goods due to the increased price of raw materials.

According to Harian Metro, some of these food vendors need to find ways to make better income and maintaining their usual prices could result in them not making enough to cover business capital.

Source: TheSun

Speaking to Harian Metro, a vendor said “I have to sell the ‘nasi tomato’ with 1-quarter of a chicken for RM10 now. Previously I sold it for RM8. This increase is due to the cost of expensive raw materials and that suppliers of the chicken and beef purchased raised the prices of the two raw materials.”

He added that it became more difficult when the suppliers are not available and he will need to find them at multiple wholesale markets in order for him to continue selling his ‘nasi tomato’.

Consumers’ response

On social media, there was a mixed reaction among netizens, with some complaining about the drastic price hike, while others reminded that the issue is not the vendors fault as they too need to make ends meet.

Some also shared that it is better to cook at home if you can.

Nonetheless, this price hike had caused many locals to reconsider when buying their favourite food or dish because of how much they cost now. Fortunately, most netizens did not blame vendors for the price increase.

Source: Facebook

Some even say that the increase isn’t that much if it’s only ranging from RM0.50 to RM2.

Apart from the price hike, many felt relieved to see things are getting back to normal after the movement restriction orders.

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