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PAS wants to use Taliban to improve Islamic image, says PDRM’s counter-terrorism chief

NewsPAS wants to use Taliban to improve Islamic image, says PDRM's counter-terrorism...

Bukit Aman’s counter-terrorism chief Normah Ishak claims that PAS is banking on the Taliban to improve its Islamic image.

Speaking in a webinar titled “Next Generation Afghan Alumni? Assessment from Southeast Asia” yesterday (6 April), Normah said PAS did so when praising the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan after the US troops withdrew from the country in August last year.

She said this in reference to PAS International Affairs and External Relations committee chairman Khalil Abdul Hadi’s congratulatory message on 18 August.

Source: Bernama

Khalil, who is also PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang’s son, has tweeted about the Taliban’s “liberalisation” of Afghanistan after the state was being colonised and invaded. However, the tweet was subsequently deleted.

“They are creating narratives to the party’s advantage, forming opinions and perceptions among Muslims in Malaysia, so that Muslims in Malaysia think ‘Taliban is okay now. They will be fine without armed support’.

Source: AP News

“The recognition by an Islamic party for the Taliban’s struggle augurs well with fans of terrorism in Malaysia,” Normah said.

She then reminded the people that the Malaysian government has not recognised the Taliban government yet.

In a statement published by HarakahDaily, the party’s mouthpiece on 25 August, Hadi claimed that the Taliban leaders have changed and were heading in the right direction.

He also urged Muslims not to be influenced by the coverage of the Taliban by the Western media, which he described as “media fasiq” (evil media).

However, netizens in general condemned PAS’ stance on the militant movement’s takeover of Afghanistan and said the Taliban’s extremist views and discrimination against religious minorities and women.

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