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Namewee’s YouTube Channel got hacked, thousands of video vanish overnight

Social NewsNamewee's YouTube Channel got hacked, thousands of video vanish overnight

Malaysian rapper and filmmaker Namewee has recently became a victim of hackers and lost almost 1,000 videos on his YouTube channel overnight. The title of his YouTube channel was also changed from ‘Namewee” to profanities in Russian.

It was a tough time for the Namewee as his YouTube channel is pretty much the evidence of his hard work throughout the years.

The local rapper started his channel in 2006 and continued uploading all his videos there. As of today (6 April), his YouTube channel has over 3.27 million subscribers and over 10 years of hard work vanished overnight just like that without a trace.

Source: YouTube

In response to the matter, Namewee later shared his thoughts through other socials. He explained he was late in responding because he is currently in Waterloo, London.

“This YouTube channel has been managed for 13 years. It has been a long journey but everything is gone now,” he said in a video.

“I don’t care who you are, Russian guy” he added before calling him out and spitting some Russian insults.

“And we support Ukraine! F**k you!” he added viciously.

In another post on his Instagram, he said that he is actually not surprised by this incident as he has made a lot of enemies throughout his career. “Frankly speaking, for this to happen 13 years later, it’s considered longer than I expected. Especially after the release of my single last year.” he said.

He then explained that he even faced even more criticisms ever since he launched his controversial song “Fragile” in October last year, which is a satire on the nationalistic Chinese internet users.

The song was immediately banned from music streaming services in China only 1 day after its release. “Justice must prevail!” he ended his statement.

At the time of writing, Namewee’s YouTube account and videos have been restored to their original, but there are still several videos with Russian words.

Namewee is known for his controversial artwork but this is the first time someone attempted a cyber attack on the local artist. Hopefully, this will be the first and only time too.

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