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MBPJ installs crowd controlled systems at Ramadan Bazaars that will sound a siren if too many visitor

Social NewsMBPJ installs crowd controlled systems at Ramadan Bazaars that will sound a...

Despite Malaysia’s transitioning to endemicity, many Malaysians still fear that there will be another Covid-19 outbreak this Ramadan due to the crowded bazaars.

To reduce the risk of another outbreak, the PJ City Council (MBPJ) has taken the initiative to manage the number of people entering bazaars around Petaling Jaya with a crowd control system (CCS).

In a tweet, journalist Fareez Azman shared that the Ramadan bazaars in Kelana Jaya and Kota Damansara both use a crowd controlled system to control the visitor capacity of the bazaar.

The system is said to track people entering and leaving in real-time, with results being displayed on a screen instantly.

With this, the PJ city council officials will be able to make sure the crowd size at the bazaars does not exceed its maximum capacity.

Source: Twitter

In addition, there will be a screen to inform visitors how long the wait is before they can enter the bazaar. This will be presented in the form of a “traffic light”, where green means you can enter the bazaar space, yellow means “caution”, and red means “wait”.

“When the capacity is full, warnings will sound. Cameras and sensors will record every movement in and out and the number of visitors shown in real time,” he explained.

In Fareez’s video, visitors can be seen patiently waiting to enter the bazaar as they monitor the system.

He also praised MBPJ for their initiative in installing the system to ensure visitors remain safe while visiting the bazaars.

Implementing a fancy system like the CCS to popular Ramadan bazaar locations is a pretty cool idea and it is particularly useful in controlling the crowd.

What do you think about this initiative? Share your thoughts!

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