Friday, January 27, 2023

Watch: Local TikToker baths in mineral water, gets slammed by netizens for wasting water

Social NewsWatch: Local TikToker baths in mineral water, gets slammed by netizens for...

Water is important to all life on earth and we should use it wisely, especially during the hot seasons in Malaysia.

Recently, a local TikTok user, Amirul Asyari has received several criticisms after his friend caught him soaking in a bathtub while rinsing his body with mineral water.

The self-proclaimed athlete later explained that he opted to bathe with mineral water instead of regular water to “look good”. Naturally, the video did not went well with netizens and many slammed him for wasting water.

In the video, Amirul’s friend can be heard saying, “You think you are Michael Jackson? You cannot bathe using regular water?” 

“Listen here, it’s very hard for some people, especially those living at Zimbabwe and Uganda, to get a clean source of water. But here you are taking your bath with mineral water. Did your dad won the PRN?” he added.


This incident also caught the attention of the founder of Strawin Food Industries Sdn. Bhd., Mohamad Faruqi Mohamad Nazri and he also gave his opinion on it.

“This morning, I was shocked by a Twitter post linked to our company. The video shows a teenager named Amirul bathing in a tub using our Muarra-branded mineral water. His action was met with various responses from netizens,” he wrote on his Facebook.

He explained that his company’s mineral water has a pH value of about 7.6, which is very good for the skin. He also thanked Amirul for using the Muarra product to let the public know the benefits of bathing using mineral water through his TikTok post. 

“Maybe in the future, we can invite a dermatologist specialist to comment on this. Thank you for using Muarra.” he added.

Despite it being beneficial to the skin, many netizens still think that this is just a waste of water. A netizen said, “Some bath in mineral water because their skin is sensitive. I felt that in this case, his brain is sensitive.”

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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