Sports ToTo Malaysia shares what Penang man did with his RM95 Million Jackpot Winnings

Sports ToTo Malaysia recently announced their latest winner of the Supreme Jackpot from Penang. This lucky person won RM95 million, which is a whole lot of money.

Yesterday (4th April), Sports ToTo Malaysia announced on Facebook about one of their winners. “Last Friday (1st April), we met the sole winner of the RM95 million Supreme Jackpot from Penang,” they shared. The post added that the winner was a man who had asked for two cheques. “Do you want to know why?” they teased.

Meanwhile, it didn’t take long for Sports ToTo to reveal the reason. The man had asked for two cheques as he was planning on splitting his winnings with his wife. “He is such a great husband!” the post cheered. The post didn’t say exactly how much was being given to said wife, but they assumed it would be a “big amount“.

Reactions to the announcement were varied. Some were pleased enough for the man and his wife. A few joked he had to since the wife probably asked for it. Still, many were sceptical about the whole story to begin with. “How (do) you know the winner shared his winnings (with) his wife?” one questioned. Others doubted the winner even existed, claiming this was a marketing ploy of the company. “You never showed and interviewed the winner,” another pointed out. “Maybe ToTo himself won.

It supposedly had a total of RM97,751,643.85 on 30th March. One winner scored RM95 million while another scored RM2 million with an EZ-Bet play.

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