Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Watch: M’sian TikToker detached the steering wheel while on the road, crashes moments later

Social NewsWatch: M'sian TikToker detached the steering wheel while on the road, crashes...

The quick-release steering wheel is commonly used on racing and competition vehicles, where it will aid a driver’s entrance and exit from the tight confines of the racing cockpit as well as aid in the easy removal of an injured driver by safety personnel.

It was designed for racing and competition vehicles and never for daily drivers like most of us. Nonetheless, some would modify their sedans because it is their hobby.

Recently, a TikTok user, who had installed the quick-releasing steering wheel, thought it would be fun to play around while driving on the expressway. Unfortunately, he ended up crashing his vehicle into the gutter beside the expressway.

In the video, the user can be seen giving a demo of how a quick-release steering wheel would work and ‘tricked’ viewers in saying that the wheel came off on its own.

However, he was unable to reinstall the wheel in time and moments later, his vehicle swerved to the left and ended up in the gutter.

Fortunately, nobody was injured due to the accident.

Netizens slammed the driver for their recklessness while being on the road.

“Something wrong with these people .. ok if they hurt themselves because of their recklessness, but imagine if innocent people were injured.” a netizen commented.

“It’s okay, you still have the steering wheel, everything is under control.” another netizen said with sarcasm.

Nonetheless, most netizens were enraged as the TikTok user had endangered those around him, as well as other road users that may be in the area.

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