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Malaysia ranked Top 10 in the world’s most stressful countries to drive in

Social NewsMalaysia ranked Top 10 in the world's most stressful countries to drive...

Driving on the congested highway and incidents of road rages are no stranger to Malaysians.

According to a new study, Malaysia has been ranked the 8th most stressful country to drive in, with a score of 72 out of 100.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) came on top of the list of “the world’s most and least stressful countries to drive in” with a score of 88, followed by Bulgaria (80), Turkey (78), Italy (76), Hong Kong (76), Czech Republic (74), and Belgium (72).

Source: The Star

The ranking was published by Confused.com, an insurance and financial services comparison platform, showed that the level of driving stress varies greatly from country to country.

The study analysed 48 different countries across a range of different factors, including road quality and congestion levels to the number of speed cameras and accidents on the roads.

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As for Malaysia, our country scored particularly bad for accidents on the road – fatal accidents per 100,000 population stood at 22.93, which is significantly higher than its neighbouring countries – Singapore (2.51) and the Philippines (9.69).

In addition, Malaysia also scored highly for the number of cars on the road with 91.5 per km of road, while the quality of road infrastructure scored 72.4 of 100 and a one-speed camera every km of the road at 995.88).

On the other hand, Denmark, Japan and Finland ranked as the 3 least stressful countries to drive in, each with a score under 28 out of 100. Each country scored particularly low for fatal accidents, with each of the 3 countries reporting under 4 accidents per 100,000 population.

The study was conducted based on several different sources, from the World Health Organisation to the World Economic Forum, to rank countries for 4 different factors, namely the quality of the roads, the number of speed cameras, the number of fatal accidents per capita and the number of cars per kilometre of road.

Allowing each country to have a score out of 100 for each factor, researchers then calculated an average score out of 100, and used this score to rank the countries from most to least stressful to drive in.

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