Sunday, February 5, 2023

“How did she afford it?” M’sians questioned UiTM student over her first-class flight

Social News"How did she afford it?" M'sians questioned UiTM student over her first-class...

Another controversy involving Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) has gone viral on social media, shortly after the incident where one of its lecturers said she “cannot sit with B40 people (students)” as they have other things to worry about besides their education.

This time, a Malaysian woman named Tasnim (@tasnimshah_), who studies law in UiTM, came under fire for travelling in first class on an Emirates flight to ‘reward herself.’

This came after she posted several pictures of herself in the first class cubicle on Twitter, where netizens were quick to criticise her.

Many netizens said from the looks of it, Tasnim is from a wealthy family, and she has robbed a university placement from an underprivileged student.

On the other hand, there are a few netizens who supported Tasnim and said she has her own business that sells minimalist embroidered jumpers and pants that are priced more than RM300.

However, many are not having it and said she would still not able to afford the flight even if she worked as a model or an influencer. Netizens also pointed out her expensive lifestyle that was shown in her social media posts.

Naturally, many can’t help but feel that it is akin to daylight robbery because the super-rich T20s are exploiting their privileges at the expense of the poor.

Many also questioned why Tasnim enrolled to a public university when she can afford to study abroad since she could afford a luxurious lifestyle.

Some also said with sarcasm that the rich will continue to be rich because of financial planning, that is by paying less for her education, she now has more money to spend on investments and holidays.

In the meantime, Tasnim has made her social media account private following the backlashes.

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