Thursday, December 8, 2022

CIMB countersues 12 customers over duplicate transaction error, demands RM1.39 million plus interest

NewsCIMB countersues 12 customers over duplicate transaction error, demands RM1.39 million plus...

CIMB has filed a counter-suit 12 parties who sued the bank over the processing errors that left their accounts frozen and in debt.

According to FMT, the suit was filed in court on 30 March and the bank also asked for an order for 12 parties to repay the total of RM1.39 million wrongly credited into their accounts, plus interest.

The issue started when there were processing errors by remittance services that resulted in funds transfers made to customers being credited twice in January this year.

The bank, however, responded by freezing their accounts in an effort to recover the duplicate amount.

Later in February, there was an uproar among the affected customers and they even called for a boycott of the bank.

On 28 February, 12 affected account holders filed a suit against the bank as they felt it was the bank’s mistake instead of theirs.

In a statement of defence by CIMB, the bank said it did not breach any contract with its account holders. It added that it has the right to debit or withhold any account at their discretion, as it was part of the terms and conditions agreed by the customer.

As such, the bank is allowed to recover duplicated money legally.

CIMB said as a result of the duplicate credit, the account holders had obtained a “statement of claim” at the bank’s expense. It added that the 12 plaintiffs should have informed the bank when they found the additional duplicate funds were transferred into their accounts.

“The plaintiffs were able to receive funds in their respective accounts and/or make withdrawal of funds in excess of the amount of the duplicate credits received by each plaintiff.”

“The plaintiffs have received and enjoyed, and have been enriched by way of the duplicate credits that were mistakenly credited into the plaintiffs’ accounts by reason of the inadvertent processing error of MoneySend transfers as pleaded,” the defence statement read.

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