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Works Minister allegedly suggested Klang residents to ‘gotong-royong’ to clean drains to prevent another flood

Source: The Star

One of the reasons for the devastating floods that hit Klang Valley in December 2021 is the clogged up drains.

Since then, Klang MP Charles Santiago has sought federal funds to clean the clogged drains in the flood-prone district but it appears that the government has fallen on deaf ears.

According to The Vibes, the DAP lawmaker said he had made several attempts for an urgent RM6 million funding to clear the drains in his constituency have been ignored by the federal government. 

Source: Twitter

Santiago also revealed how his meeting with Senior Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof, where the latter had allegedly suggested that the Klang rep should get the help of residents to clean the drains.

“During the December Parliament sitting last year, I had asked for RM6 million to clean up all the drains in Klang, because clogged drains were among the contributing factors to the floods. Nothing came up.”

“I raised the matter again during the January special sitting to discuss the floods. I even said if they don’t do it, I will take the authorities to court. Still, nothing,” he was quoted saying by The Vibes.

Source: Malay Mail

Santiago said he even sent a letter to the minister and raised the concession agreement with the Public Works Department. However, when he asked again, he got a response that says “Why not try gotong-royong?”

He pointed out that gotong-royong will not solve the issue as it requires a large-scale programme that will drag on for a long time. 

On the other hand, Santiago also proposed a new drainage and irrigation masterplan for the district. He explained that the current system developed more than 50 years ago is obsolete. 

“The new plan should link every township and area in Klang, and should also be linked to the rivers. So, the rivers also need to be widened and deepened.” he added.

He also called for the authorities to prioritise Klang in the country’s flood management system as it is home to one of the busiest ports.

“The Klang Port employs thousands of people, with revenue running into the billions. The government needs to prioritise Klang. If the port goes under, the country will also go under.”

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