Thursday, March 30, 2023

Watch: Couple shares how Tesla Autopilot drives them from Singapore to Penang!

Social NewsWatch: Couple shares how Tesla Autopilot drives them from Singapore to Penang!

The Malaysian government has been promoting electric vehicles (EVs) for some time now, but many are still reluctant to switch to EVs due to the few charging stations and the hefty price tag of EVs.

A TikTok user @sgpikarchu has recently uploaded a few videos of them travelling from Singapore to Penang, Malaysia, while on autopilot mode in their Tesla Model 3. While would think twice before doing it, it is actually not as difficult as we think.

On 1 April when the Malaysian international border officially reopened, the couple joined the queue to cross the border.


Crossed the custom within 45 minutes at midnight. Drove past KL, continuing up north! Go Tesla 🤓 #SgTeslaGoesMsia #EVboleh

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The couple shared that they managed to get through within 45 minutes. They then make their way across 6 Malaysian states all the way to Penang, where they stayed and had their holiday.

Furthermore, the couple also shared the different EV charging stations they used along their way.

While waiting for their car to charge up, they used the extra time to catch up and have a meal with a friend before continuing their journey.


Hope this video is somewhat useful for those driving to to Malaysia with EV. For accurate distance, please use Google Map, the animation is just an estimate. Happy driving! 🤩 #SgTeslaGoesMsia #EVboleh

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There were many questions from the curious netizens, with many asking about the cost to charge the Tesla and whether they felt stressed out if the battery runs low.

According to the TikTok user, he advised Tesla owners to plan well and find the EV charging stations available throughout their route via the PlugShare website or app. He shared that some stations provide free charging services, but it varies from station to station.

He also shared that they do get anxiety when their battery runs low, but they are used to it by now. He added that it was easier time around because there are more chargers in Malaysia.


Reply to @jasonnwong Cost of ABB charger, JomCharge @ Caltex Ayer Keroh and Porsche @ Eastern & Oriental Hotel. Charges MAY differ for different locations. #SgTeslaGoesMsia #EVboleh

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Nonetheless, some netizens still feel they need more convincing reasons to switch to electric cars because they find it takes too long to charge up the vehicle.

One way to bridge this gap is to charge the EVs at home. However, it may not be viable for all families to install a charger at home.

It seems that there’s still a long way for Malaysians to switch to electric vehicles, but at least, there is some progress made.

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