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Video shows courier workers throwing parcels into the lorry before delivery

Receiving parcels after an online shopping haul usually goes without a hitch. But some of us can relate to unsatisfactory delivery services by courier companies at some point, as more of us are turning to deliveries to purchase items we need to minimize our outdoor activities.

Several workers at a courier company were seen throwing customers’ parcels while loading them into a lorry in a viral video which has received criticisms from fellow netizens.

On 30th March 2022, the Facebook page 我们是马来西亚人 We are Malaysians uploaded a 29-second video of some workers from a local courier company at a collection point.

They were seen throwing parcels at each other like a game of catch by a netizen – presumably so they wouldn’t have to walk back and forth to carry the parcels. When one of the workers wasn’t able to catch a parcel, however, it fell to the ground. This happened twice in the short video. They also hurled the parcels into a lorry.

However, it is not clear whether the packages contained any items. But it appears that they do, as one of the courier workers opted to carry a larger parcel that looked to be quite heavy at around the 14-second mark of the video.

It is also understood that the courier involved is J&T Express, as mentioned by the netizen in the video. But this cannot be confirmed, as there’s no visible logo of the company spotted in the video. Likewise, the netizen who recorded the video said that the workers’ behaviour tarnishes the reputation of the entire company.

The video has since triggered a lot of reaction from netizens who were concerned over the staff who were seen mismanaging goods instead of handling them with care.

Customers prefer different courier services when they want to send or receive a parcel for various reasons. But what all of us essentially look for is the quality of service provided by a company. So it’s concerning to see parcels being mishandled, as they could very well contain valuable items.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that this is likely an isolated incident and that at times the number of parcels to be delivered can be extremely overwhelming for courier workers. However, it’s certainly up for debate whether they should be handling parcels carelessly.


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