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M’sian shares how insurance companies attempt to cheat her by giving her 3 days’ compensation for 3 months of repair

Source: Facebook

When it comes to insurance claims, insurance companies will do all it takes to reduce their loss.

Recently, a netizen shared how she almost got cheated by an insurance company which she made a loss of use claim for her car.

Loss of use is a compensation given to policy holders when their insured’s vehicle is in repair after an accident or if the vehicle was stolen. 

In her lengthy Facebook post, Fatiha Ziqra explained that 2,500cc BMW was involved in a collision which damaged the rear of her vehicle a few months ago. She also shared a picture of how badly her car was damaged and it had to be put in a workshop for 98 days to be repaired.

At the end of the repair, she received her car in good condition. However, when she was making the lost of use claim, she was informed that the claim was only approved for less than RM1,000.

The reason given by the insurance company is that the time needed to repair the BMW was only 76 hours, or 3 days 4 hours.

This came as a surprise to Fatiha as according to her calculations, after deducting public holidays, weekends and delivery of spare parts, it took more than 50 days for the mechanic to repair her car.

“No one in a sane mind would say it will take only 76 hours after looking at my car condition.” she said.

It was more absurd when she asked if the details of the calculation was based on the guidelines set by the authorities. The insurer pushed the blame to the adjuster, who then pass the buck to the upper management.

This suggests that the insurer were unable to produce any guidelines on how the calculation was made.

Obviously, Fatiha is not happy with this and she wrote a complain about the issue. The insurer then informed her that the loss of use was extended by 14 days with another 14 days added in, making it a total of 28 days.

Unfortunately, the 28 days offered was still at a deep discount of what she expected and this time, she send another email to several parties, including Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM). 

Miraculously, her full claim was approved shortly after and the money was credited into her account after two days.

Know Your Consumer Rights

Being a consumer, you have the right to receive fair judgement which includes compensation for your purchase of good or services received.

Fatiha said she wanted to share her experience so others are aware of their rights and are able to protect themselves from scams and fraud by ensuring that businesses can be held accountable.

In the comment section, netizens also shared their similar experience when dealing with insurance companies and many ended up accepting a much lower amount as they did not know how to voice their grievances.

Many lamented how unscrupulous insurance agents would take advantage of unknowing customers.

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