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KFC replaces coleslaw with new cucumber salad, netizens are not liking it

Social NewsKFC replaces coleslaw with new cucumber salad, netizens are not liking it

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started, we’ve seen KFC replacing their menu following the shortage in ingredients such as chicken and potatoes.

The latest menu that KFC Malaysia has replaced is their coleslaw and netizens are not amused.

Taking his grievances to social media, TikTok user @ezhrjmn said he is disappointed that coleslaw had been replaced with cucumber and corn coated in mayonnaise.


i want my coleslaw back :(((

♬ original sound – Abe – Abe

In another video, he shared that coleslaw is often unavailable in many KFC Malaysia outlets in Sarawak.

He then speculated that KFC has decided to tackle the shortage by replacing it with ‘cucumber salad’ as seen in his TikTok video.

The video went viral and netizens also expressed their disappointment with the new ‘cucumber salad’.


Reply to @rui__ned_ coleslaw kfc sarawak out of stock 😬

♬ original sound – Abe – Abe

In the meantime, netizens also pointed out that many of their favourite KFC dishes such as fries, potato wedges and even their signature fried chickens are out of stock.

Some also complained about the poor experience they had with KFC. “This morning, KFC was smart enough to replace my fries with black sesame balls without asking for my permission. I’ll not go back to KFC anymore.” a netizen shared.

Netizens added that KFC will eventually run into trouble if they come across picky customers.

Some even suggested making their own KFC coleslaw to satisfy their cravings. KFC’s coleslaw is loved by many for its right amount of mayonnaise and vinegar ratios, in addition to the chopping of cabbage, carrots and onions to mince, but not so fine that all semblance of texture disappears.

Watch the video below and start making your own finger licking good coleslaw!

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