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Muslim preacher urges parents to stop their children from attending Justin Bieber’s concert in KL

Malaysians have been super excited after it was revealed that Justin Bieber will be visiting our country for his “Justice World Tour” concert this coming October.

The news was well-received by Malaysians, especially among Beliebers and many have been longing to attend their first-ever physical live show in more than two years.

However, it appears that this news does not sit well with some people and among them were a local preacher named Ustazah Asma’ Harun. Following the announcement, she has taken to her Facebook to share her concern towards the Bieber Fever phenomenon among young Muslims in the country.

She wrote, “When our country was struck with the pandemic, all social related activities were not allowed by the government.”

“Just when I thought that all these immoral omens have died down, it was announced that Justin Bieber will be having his concert on 22 October at Bukit Jalil National Stadium. The news was met with huge reactions from youngsters.”

She then pointed out that the tickets are sold from RM288 to RM2,088, but they are still willing to empty their savings just to grab the opportunity to see Justin in person.

“Not only that, there are those who are willing to do part-time jobs to buy the tickets. I also came across a viral video showing a teenager asking for money from her mom so that she can attend the concert. Indeed, this phenomenon is worrying,” she said.

With this, Asma urged parents to not allow their children to attend the concert.

“Use the power and ability that are bestowed upon you (as parents) to save your family members from getting engaged in activities that are filled with vices.”

“Else, you will be questioned by God during the hereafter for allowing your kids to get involved in immoral activities. Be stern with them when it’s necessary,” she said.

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