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McDonald’s Malaysia offers Sundae Or Apple Pie to replace shortfall of French Fries

McDonald’s has some bad news. There will be a severe lack of fries. Don’t fret, however, they will be providing equally delicious alternatives to make up for it.

As some of you may have realised, there has been an ongoing supply chain disruption thanks to the Covid situation. Several brands have been suffering from it, and customers, of course, have been missing their favourite sides. However, McDonald’s Malaysia has opted to have other choices available for the customers to enjoy.

Beginning 31st March, McDonald’s Malaysia will be offering a Sundae or a warm Apple Pie to substitute fries. Customers can choose either option in lieu of the side when they order a Medium McValue Meal. If neither choice is appealing, there is also the Duo Set, which is a 2-piece set meal of any food item with a drink. Its price starts from RM7.90.

These substitute measures will continue until the supply issue has been resolved. In the meantime, the company aims to provide their customers with the best customer experience with their offers of exciting choices at unbeatable values.

However, customers will still be able to have fries with their Medium McValue Meal as long as supplies last.


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