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Justin Bieber’s concert tickets were resold for up to RM10,000, but fans warned that it is not transferrable

Malaysians have been passionate to catch Justin Bieber’s concert since it was first announced and tickets for all categories, ranging from RM288 to RM2,088, have sold out within just 3 hours.

Many struggled, woke up early and overworked their computers just to get a chance to get into the buying queue. However, not all were able to obtain the tickets.

While some fans expressed their heartbreak and disappointment for failing to get their hands on the tickets, scalpers were quick on their feet and they have since begun to list the concert tickets for up to triple or more of its original price.

Twitter users shared screenshots of how much scalpers are selling them for on apps such as Shopee, Carousell and Viagogo.

On Viagogo, Ghost VIP tickets are being sold between RM6,592 and RM10,432 per ticket, whilst the cheapest tickets were for CAT 3 seats which were marked up to RM1,564 per ticket whilst the original price is RM728.

Source: Viagogo

Meanwhile, on Carousell, one scalper is selling a Peaches VIP Package ticket for RM3,000 even though it was only bought for RM1,488.

Another scalper listed a Ghost VIP Package ticket for RM5,000 with the original price being RM2,088.

But thankfully, several netizens had cautioned fans to not buy scalped tickets, as each ticket is linked to the original buyer’s IC number and name, so it cannot be passed to anyone else.

As shared by Twitter user @melakaboy, he wrote, “Creating awareness on #JusticeTourMalaysia. You cannot resell tickets. So don’t buy from resellers.”

He also shared a conversation between him a representative from PR Worldwide, who explicitly stated that access will be blocked if the ticket and name/IC number are not a match.

So, it seems that scalpers who bought the tickets to make a profit out of it, are now left stuck with the tickets.

Do you think that this is an effective way of stopping scalpers from hoarding tickets? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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