Thursday, December 8, 2022

“Why does VIP have special toilets?” M’sian asked if these are acceptable practices?

Social News"Why does VIP have special toilets?" M'sian asked if these are acceptable...

In Malaysia, the practice of having selecting and preferential treatment for our VIPs is common that we have an express lane for them in all situations.

Recently, Twitter user Zayn share a picture of a toilet stall with labels on it designating it to only be used for certain people. His tweet went viral after he asked why our society seems to accept designated toilets for VIPs.

Zayn’s tweet has garnered over 2,500 likes and 1,100 shares at the time of writing and netizens shared how normal this practice really is in the country.

“Even the mosque at my village has a VIP toilet. At first I was shocked as well,” a netizen commented.

“Go to the mosque bro, some got a ‘VIP’ label at the door and locked. So if 1 day you get to be a VIP, call upfront that you are going to the mosque, so an officer gets to be with the key waiting — should you feel like to pee.” another netizen shared.

Some wonder what makes a VIP toilet so special in the first place. “Do VIP toilets use Evian water,” a netizen asked.

Meanwhile, a netizen pointed out that these types of separations have long been engrained into your society, and it all started in schools which have separate toilets for teachers and students.

Source: FMT

“There’s no need to look very far, even the teachers’ and students’ toilets at schools are like the sky and earth. The teacher’s toilets are well maintained whilst students’ toilets are dirty, which they blame it on the students,” said a user.

Nonetheless, most do agree that although they are considered as an ‘important’ person, it shouldn’t give them the right to be able to cut queues at mosques and even on the road.

What do you think about these VIP toilets? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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