Saturday, January 28, 2023

PTPTN introduced the myPTPTN app to make repayments and application easier

Social NewsPTPTN introduced the myPTPTN app to make repayments and application easier

The National Higher Education Fund Corp (PTPTN) has recently introduced its new myPTPTN mobile app, which would make it a lot easier for Malaysians to access the corporation’s many facilities at any time and from any location.

According to Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Dr Noraini Ahmad, this is also part of the government’s plan to speed up the national digitalisation strategy.

“This mobile app will open up space and opportunities for the community to access PTPTN services anytime and anywhere without borders more easily, quickly and safely. Customers can enjoy various PTPTN facilities related to repayment, savings and loans in one application by Single Sign On (SSO),” Noraini said.

She also said the application will benefit more than 3.63 million borrowers and 5.28 million depositors of Simpan SSPN.

Among the facilities offered in the myPTPTN app include,

  1. Loan statement review and repayment.
  2. National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN) statement review.
  3. Option to open and deposit to Simpan SSPN accounts.
  4. Apply for salary deduction and direct debit for their PTPTN loan repayment and Simpan SSPN deposits.

Noraini also assured users that the app is safe and it is equipped with the latest security technology to ensure users’ safety.

“Each user needs an electronic identity verification before making any transaction, including by way of email and telephone number verification during registration as well as transactions confirmed using the Transaction Authorisation Code.” she said.

After downloading the app, users are required to sign in or register an account before they can use the app. The myPTPTN app is now available for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App store.

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